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Docker & CoreOS – The future of Web Application Stacks

So, I was reading up a little bit about the upcoming CoreOS and came across Docker a container system for mitigating the issue of running application or services on different hardware, and resolving the dependencies, interactions, etc. Docker itself seems…

Cygwin Package Manager

So… nPacked, not so great. http://code.google.com/p/cyg-apt/wiki/GettingStarted Seems to be much better, I’ll post a review in a bit.

Windows Package Manager

Just found this: NPacked So far seems pretty useful, I started installing python & ‘core packages’ for simple commands on windows.

How Do I … Command Line Tool

A friend just showed me the github repo for “Howdoi” a command line too that scrapes stack overflow for results to your plain text query. Pretty damn cool. I just used it myself while working to lookup how to add…

MIT develops holographic, glasses-free 3D TV

Repost: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/132681-mit-develops-holographic-glasses-free-3d-tv

C# Dynamic Objects and RDF

So, as I was playing around with C# Dynamic Objects last night, and it occurred to me. If you use RDF files as the verification filter for a “dictionary backed dynamic object” you can have C# act like JavaScript, but be enforced by the external RDF….